Pure Humanity Can Help Your Company

  • Build customer loyalty which is the key to survival for every online store

People are creatures of habit, and the proliferation of questionable websites selling goods on the Internet only reinforces a consumer’s tendency to shop at the sites they trust. However, as these unknown websites strengthen their images and expand their customer base, competition will increase. Any edge

How it works

Click here to see how to offer your customers the option of reinstating all or a portion of their shipping charge so that it can be donated to charity.

that an online store can use against its competition (low prices, free shipping, and responsive customer care) will not only increase its revenue but also strengthen customer loyalty. Traditional brick and mortar sellers often showcase their commitment to the community to engender goodwill among their customers. There is no reason why an online company cannot also adopt this approach to build customer loyalty. How many online stores do you know give back to society and allow the customer to feel like he/she is making a difference by shopping at their site?

  • Make your company more socially conscious and strengthen the bottom line

PureHumanity proposes fundamentally improving your company’s connection to the community in a way that will broaden customer loyalty, enhance your company’s image, increase revenue, reap significant tax benefits, and most importantly of all, allow your company to give back more to society.

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