TNSSG state/country representatives contact physicians in their area with publications, and possibly other means, describing the group and the fact that someone local is involved. They also may receive phone calls and letters regarding Noonan Syndrome, which may be handled directly or forwarded to our President, Wanda Robinson. By doing this we are  increasing awareness about this syndrome. We probably all know   affected people, physicians, friends, neighbors, or family who do not know what Noonan Syndrome is. Now there is something we can do to change that. Become a part of TNSSG State/Country representatives program. Give people the knowledge and support they need about NS!

We already have several volunteer state/country representatives for TNSSG. Our goal is to have at least three people per state/country. This is a big job and it is going to take time. However, what ever time you are able to give is time we would have otherwise.

Lacy Crouse is the coordinator for the US State Representative Program. Her email address is For other countries, contact Wanda at

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