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Family Stories

Welcome to our Family Stories!

Several of our members have prepared family stories. These stories are updated periodically with new (or updated) information.

As you may know, Noonan Syndrome has very many possible symptoms which when you first read about them can sound quite formidable. But it is a condition with very widely ranging symptoms, and very few people are affected by all of them. Although there are some whose lives are quite severely affected, there are also many whose symptoms are quite mild, and others who were not diagnosed until they were adults and were totally unaware that they even had it.

Here you will find introductions written by many different people whose lives have in some way been affected by Noonan Syndrome. Some are adults with the condition, and many more are the parents or relatives of children who have been diagnosed. In these pages they introduce themselves and tell you a little about how Noonan Syndrome has affected them. 

We hope you will enjoy reading these introductions, finding out a little about some of the members of this group, and perhaps even learning a little more about Noonan Syndrome at the same time.

In addition, many of us have given permission to be contacted for those that want to learn more about Noonan Syndrome, or just need someone to talk to.

If you would like your introduction to be included on this site, or have any comments on how it can be improved, then please contact   info@noonansyndrome.org.

Blatchley, Chuck and Sherry
Bleyhl, Diane
Brennan, Deanna
Cass, Doris
Cinnamond, Lucy
Colodner, Joel and Barrie, Alexandra
Couch, Travacca
Cross, Sue
Crouse, Lacy
Delhome, Veronique
Downey, Martha Kate
Durbin, Karen
Ellis, Michelle
Falcon, Cindy
Flaherty, Jill
Gavlik, Heathyr
Gemmill, Deanne
Gordon, Holly
Grundy, Sherry
Hammer, Gry
Holt, Deborah
Jones, Trisha and Kirt
Lage, Patricia
Lance, Daniel MD
Minns, Joy and Jeff
Murphy, Barbara
Naugle, Nancy
Nye, Heather
Palmer, Kathy
Pearton, Amanda
Robinson, Wanda (founder)
Rothman, Jayne
Sweetman, Darlene
Tiren, Craig and Cynthia
Zeh, Art and Linda

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