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April 13, 2002
8PM, San Francisco, CA

What does CharityFocus mean to you?
We posed this question to some coordinators
and made a banner of their amazing responses.

Just as a rose gives perfume and a bird sings a beautiful song, so it is in our nature to be of service to others. There is that place of love, of light, and of peace within us. As Ram Dass said so eloquently, if I am in that place within me and you are in that place within you, then there is only one of us. CF is an instrument to discover that place.  Ashish 


Generosity in words creates confidence; generosity in thinking creates profoundness; generosity in giving creates love.  CharityFocus has given me the opportunity to create and share this bond of love.  Mallika 


Howard Thurman said, "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." CharityFocus is about doing what makes us come alive –  together.  Viral 


CharityFocus has been the name,

from our small beginnings, and

the focus remains the same.

Charity forms a circle,

among helpers, mentors, and friends,

a circle of giving and compassion,

one that never ends.  Anu 


Often times we are so caught up in our daily lives that we feel that we can't even breath or take a quick break. CF provides an opportunity for anyone to take inventory of their life and see what they have to contribute or share, be it money, time, or just a kind word.  Mindy 


Service doesn't start when you have something to give.  It occurs naturally when you have nothing left to take.  Nipun 


Service is love in action.  John 


CharityFocus to me is a way of life.  It's a way of interacting and living our lives in ultimate fulfillment.  It is a revolution in the making, a revolution of sincerity, truth and goodness.  It is a vision of how we can all work and live together, a vision of how to make what's really important count.  It is an infinite well of inspiration and a pinnacle of righteousness.  Yaniv 


Happiness lies in accepting life. That moment of pure acceptance gives birth to a flame of compassion that is not about getting, wanting, or wishing, but rather about the most sincere simplicity – a simplicity of the heart that knows no fears, feels no hatred, and manifests the purest spirit of service.   Nipun 


CF  keeps  me  sane.  Pete 


Aristotle taught that civil society is built on conflicting impulses: self-interest, in which we strive to better our lives and the lives of those closest to us, and generosity, where we act on our instincts of goodwill, egalitarianism, empathy, and justice.  We each carry this conflict with in us.  Only the great appear to live their lives in utter selflessness.  For the rest of us, perhaps it is enough to be touched by what Abraham Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature,” to make each point of human contact an opportunity to express respect, consideration, humility, and, where the need exists, compassion and service.  Mark 


When we realize that preconceived notions limit our sense of identity, that is the inspiration for service. When we then see that this sense of identity can be expanded, that forms the foundation for service. And when we finally act in accordance with this grounded inspiration, that IS service.  Viral 


I don't serve to live, because it gives more than one can take.  I live to serve, because the joy of service makes life worth living.  Anu 


I do things to help others to combat cynicism in myself and others.  Hunter 


The act of giving helps us to overcome our sense of insecurity and experience a stronger tie with the rest of the world. Thus it is a powerful tool for personal spiritual development.  Dinesh 


Inspiration is not only a matter of being “pumped up.”  It is, at its core, a deep communion with one’s love for humanity and life itself.  Nipun


True service is a dissolving of the self in order to truly listen to and provide for the wants of others.  When we give from this place of communion, we have awoken.  John 


True giving is when we wholeheartedly drop the idea of the "I," the "me", and the self-serving ego as separate from everyone else. Only when we come from a place of humility and genuineness, can we do something for the greater good of others.  Guri 


Those who can, do. Those who cannot, help others who can.  Ash 


Willa Cather wrote, “That is happiness: to be dissolved into something complete and great.”   What can be greater than living a life of service?  Working with CharityFocus is thus the internal pursuit of happiness, for the greatest joy comes from the greatest giving.  And all the givers of the planet work in the likeness of the one who gives to all.  And there can be no greater joy than to be in likeness with the greatest giver.  Sukh 


Volunteering is work with rewards that surpass money and recognition, and fringe benefits like: no office politics, unfriendly competition, or fear of layoffs.  Hunter 


Inspiration is something that touches our heart and mind and encourages us to venture beyond our boundaries. CharityFocus is a tool of inspiration.   Anita 


Before CharityFocus, the need to serve was present but never "materialized."  Now, there is a channel and a venue for regular folks like me to do their part to help better the world.  As our motto goes, we are in the service of "helping others help others."   I think I have become a better person, a better citizen of the world.  Anu 


CharityFocus has allowed me to understand the true meaning of service, by integrating it so deeply in my everyday life.  I don't think I can ever have a life without service!   Shveta 


From chaos comes order...  From a chaotic world comes a collective order (CharityFocus) that strives to do what it can to make the world a better place.  Randy 


CharityFocus work fills my heart with the love and transforms me as I witness the grace of human spirit that lies within the people we reach for and work with.  Susan 


Service is surrender.  The more we give, the deeper we are allowed to reach in and experience the true nature of giving.  As we come ever closer to the source, no wealth is attained.  It is surrendered.  In its surrender lies all wealth.  John 


The genius of CharityFocus is not found in the (truly wonderful) websites its volunteers produce; it is that by operating collectively, we create a mechanism through which each of us can act in the service of others.  The service of each volunteer in turn creates opportunities for others to serve.  The effect is cumulative and, as CharityFocus continues to grow, awesome to contemplate.  Mark 


Service is a prerequisite to appreciation – one never quite realizes how blessed they are, until they try to employ their gifts in the service of those less fortunate.  Shuba 


Service is the connection of self to the world.  Anita 


CharityFocus has meant everything to me. It has inspired me to reassess the priorities in my life around what is most important:  love, joy, and bliss. CharityFocus has served to remind me that service is the highest bliss.  Jonathan 


Service is the passing of the flame so that we can all walk together in a world full of light.  John 


In volunteering with CF, I feel like I get as much as I give. Whether it is through inspiration or the good deeds of others, the organization recharges its volunteers' energy all the time, and CF volunteers are constantly inspiring one other to reach for greater heights. I can't imagine a better recipe for successful and happy volunteerism.  Liz 


Little nameless acts of kindness and generosity put the stamp of divinity on the document of human life.  Mallika


What does CharityFocus mean to you?
We posed this question to some coordinators
and made a banner of their amazing responses.

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What Does CharityFocus Mean To You?

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