April 13, 2002
8PM, San Francisco, CA

Every moment presents an opportunity to serve. And when people take that opportunity, beautiful things happen. CharityFocus started 3 years ago with a couple of volunteers. 1400 volunteers later, it has become an incredible testimonial to the joy of giving!

On April 13, 2002, we celebrated YOU and the spirit of service that binds us together. On this site, you will find pictures, slides, and other content from that night.

Pictures:   Volunteers & Friends  |  Shabaz  |  Art of Inspiration

What Does CharityFocus Mean To You?

Slide Shows:   Lives of Service  |  Actions of Service

Special thanks to Shanti, Mark, John for their exemplary heart of service in making this evening possible.

We hope all fills you with as much inspiration as it fills us. To drop us a note, email helpers@charityfocus.org.