Our organization is designed as a nationwide neighborhood where our members can share their personal experiences and offer assistance in times of need.



How does ConnectAGAIN work

Members can contact ConnectAGAIN by telephone, email or FAX. Member contacts are answered by an operator. The operator provides security and expertise in finding matched experiences. The operator verifies a member’s identity by requesting password answers provided by the member on their application form.

If the request was:

For assistance from another member, the contact is transferred to the volunteer coordinator.
  • A member requesting information on ConnectAGAIN volunteer programs, the contact is transferred to the volunteer coordinator.
  • A member reporting a possible abuse, the contact is transferred to the member abuse specialist.
  • For information on becoming a corporate partner, the contact is passed to the corporate partner coordinator.
  • For an application to join ConnectAGAIN, the contact is transferred to the membership specialist.
  • Official business, the contact is transferred to the administrative staff.
  • Answers to a question, the operator converts the question into search terms, searches the experience database, and provides contact information on up to five members who will share their experience with the questioning member. It is always the responsibility of the member with the question to make the contacts. ConnectAGAIN provides connections but not answers.

How does a person join?

Any U.S. citizen eighteen years or older can join by completing an application form and alifetime experiences booklet. Both are sent with a payment of $10, to cover the cost of inputting the data, to ConnectAGAIN.

Suggested reasons for joining

Relate to others at a basic human level and remove all physical barriers. Self-enrichment, a social insurance, be accepted as an equal and reduce anxiety. Join the safest citizen organization and offer assistance during local or nation disasters.

Are you interested in helping the development team

Please send an email to director@connectagain.org or call 1-734-678-4978 and indicate the area(s) you can provide assistance, including skills you have, contact information and best times to call or email.


  • Altruistic: showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others
  • Self-worth: Self-esteem; self-respect
  • Demography: the statistical study of human populations especially with reference to size and density, distribution, and vital statistics

ConnectAGAIN is a Michigan non-profit corporation with IRS tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (3)




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