Our organization is designed as a nationwide neighborhood where our members can share their personal experiences and offer assistance in times of need.




connectAGAIN the kindness community

ConnectAGAIN stands for Connecting Americans Giving Assistance and Information Network. Our organization is designed as a nationwide neighborhood where our members can share their personal experiences and offer assistance in times of need.

Our mission is to provide contact information for members to share experiences or assist each other via an operator staffed telecommunication center thus creating a nationwide kindness community that will enrich each member's life.

ConnectAGAIN is in the final stages of development. If you wish to contact us about being a future member or have a question, please CLICK HERE .

A New Community Concept


We are creating a revolutionary new way for Americans to communicate with each other. The process is safe, easy to use and efficient. Services will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The organization is called ConnectAGAIN.

Why does the U.S. need ConnectAGAIN? A paradox exists today in the United States . Americans are better connected, through email, cell phones, faxes, the web, etc., than at any time in our 200 years history. Yet, we have the lowest citizen involvement as members of a social community. America needs to get connected again in the traditional sense of a community. Hence, the need for and creation of ConnectAGAIN- a social kindness community of sharing.

ConnectAGAIN allows ordinary citizens to obtain information and has two major advantages over other information resources: dialogues and perspectives. By contacting another member for the purpose of obtaining their experiences, this begins a dialogue. Dialogues are an interactive way of communicating. They are better than the one way, static communication of the web, newspapers, TV, Radio or commercial entities. Contacting more than one member for their experiences on a topic reduces the subjectivity of the information. Each additional contact will produce different experiences, which allows for filtering out personal feelings and providing depth to the total response. In sharing these experiences, these participants create temporary bonds.

Frequent participation in these experience dialogues will increase one’s feelings of self-worth. The dialogues also minimize the ‘disconnect’ aspect of modern life. Studies show that with increased feelings of self-worth, people reach out to others in various forms of volunteering activities.

ConnectAGAIN is a new community for sharing information and assistance in an altruistic manner with the confidence that someone else will share their experiences or assistance in the future. In other words, the kindness that is extended now will be returned by a kindness extended later. Our membership is committed to acts of human kindness.

ConnectAGAIN is a Michigan non-profit corporation with IRS tax exempt status under section 501 (c) (3)




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