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Mission Statement:

In an environment shrouded by irregularities and misdemeanors subjecting its inhabitants to very harsh conditions, very little is being done to depopulate illicit activities. Moreover, due to the peculiarity of the citizens of this environment external assistance is met with strong resistance and thus futile. This is where The Smiley Group comes in; we champion the cause of eradicate familiar and popular ills from the Nigerian University system. Our nature as members of this unique environment provides pertinent insight into the problems, and helps us select appropriate weapons and means to tackle them. Our mission is to create a conducive and an acceptable campus atmosphere for productive education that will instill knowledge, peace and prosperity.


The Smiley Group consists of Nigerian college students. This unique attribute empowers us to deal with these ills from the most insightful view. It also enables us to render services that will appeal to the target audience, thus ensuring success. However, we also have advisors and project consultants who are professionals in their fields: lawyers, educators including professors, medical practitioners, and engineers. They add the much-needed professional touch. The founding members of The Smiley Group have recently graduated.

Primary Aims and Objectives:

  • Aiding the prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • To eradicate prostitution from the University campus system
  • To combat violence and hence tackle the problem of Secret Cultism
  • To educate college students about their constitutional obligations and rights
  • Eradicate bribery and corruption within Nigerian campuses


Since its inception, The Smiley Group has produced various results we have proudly showcased. Some include various successful projects and awards and others include the following individual achievements by its members:
  • The Successful Launch of Smiley's Red Ribbon Project
    Many important members of the college student society attended this occasion. This launch marked the Phase I of our campaign against Casual Sex and Prostitution and our target audience is already benefiting.
  • The successful launch of Smiley's Anti-Corruption Efforts
    The launch saw the production of its first posters and handbills. These materials have already reaped in a success of colossal magnitude
  • In addition, our members have vied for and procured various student body seats
    The aftermath of such accomplishments signifies an in tact connection to the halls of power and thus giving us a stronger hold at the helm of student activity.

History and Important Dates:

Since its inception on April 16, 2001, The Smiley Group has attracted the major players in the field of student affairs. We have incorporated all personnel capable of aiding our cause to achieve its full potential. Though we have a nationwide reach, we are concentrated in the southern regions of the country. This predicament is owing to the fact that the group was formed at the University of Port Harcourt, which is situated in city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. This location is at the south-south geo-political zone and our first works were manifested within these regions.

We thus attracted more people from just around us and until recently we moved westwards and now our fingers are pointing north where we will be organizing a major seminar and concert in the first of quarter of 2006. We have progressed a lot faster than we anticipated and even hope step up the pace.

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