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Hook 'em

Fishing events are planned throughout the year. These events are designed to raise self-esteem in youth by mastering a skill - fishing. Youth between the ages of 7-14 can be motivated by setting personal goals, meeting those goals and in the process strengthening their interpersonal skills. Participants are rewarded with prizes, trophies and fun days of fishing and building relationships in a variety of Northern California lakes and streams.

Widows Program

The widows program is designed to complement ongoing faith community efforts geared towards motivating and rewarding seniors with no other motive than to show them that the population has not forgotten them. These efforts are demonstrated through outdoor activities, such as tour extensions, cookouts, retreats, distribution of personal gifts and other events that promote fellowships.

Food and Outreach to the Poor

The food and outreach program feeds those in need prepared meals through mobile distribution. We also network with other faith communities to help them with their outreach efforts four times a year. An application process chooses organizations. Currently we are only serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We also offer life success support and personal grooming services.

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