Who We Are

ConnectAGAIN is designed to reconnect Americans just as neighbors are in a neighborhood. They share information and assisted each other, especially in times of need. Recent advances in telecommunications make it possible for the entire United States to be considered one neighborhood. ConnectAGAIN has two primary functions- connecting members to share information and connecting members when assistance is required.

Sharing Information

An information resource is available everyone but is seldom shared. Americans. This information resource is the collective experiences store in our memories. These memories if shared are usually limited to an individual's circle of friends or family. These memories are valuable because they can provide useful and timely information.

If a person wants to know:

To connect people who have a questions, it is only necessary know what person has had experience that may provide an answer. After a member completes an experience survey identifying the occupations held, hobbies undertaken, places visited, health issues, cities lived, etc. their answers can be stored in a database. The database can now be searched and matches made between a questioner and someone with that experience. This database is America's Living Library because it can be accessed like a library and experiences are added daily to everyone's memory.

Volunteering Assistance

Our members also provide assistance to other members in emergency situations. Members can also volunteer to answer questions of members who are new to their local area or a member can assist during a disaster condition. ConnectAGAIN has designed several member volunteering programs where members agree to offer assistance.