Corporate Partnerships

A key funding opportunity for ConnectAGAIN is to recruit national corporate partners who will provide funding, services and/or equipment.

The benefits to a corporate partner are:

Corporate Exposure and Official Link:

All corporate partner logos will be prominently displayed on all adage, promotions and correspondences. This exposure will ensure that the corporation will be positively associated with ConnectAGAIN. A link to each corporate partner will be posted on the official ConnectAGAIN website.

Exclusive Representation and Referral Possibilities:

ConnectAGAIN is seeking one partner in each of twenty business categories i.e. telecommunications, computers, software, finance, etc. This partnership may possibly include referral opportunities to the corporate partner, if a member requested specific information.

Membership Attributes:

Research shows ConnectAGAIN members will be from stable and financially comfortable homes and are above average in intelligence and education. ConnectAGAIN will recruit socially attractive people, individuals, whom others would want to engage. Studies show that our members will have extensive social connections and will be socially confident and attractive enough to create new connections. Our members will most likely be a leader in their local group of friends or colleagues. ConnectAGAIN will use these qualities to recruit other members. Our membership will be very active in their lifestyles and a key demographic group for our corporate partner exposure.

Special Quarterly Promotional Opportunities:

ConnectAGAIN will permit special promotional campaigns aimed specifically at our membership. These promotions will be sent to our membership on a quarterly basis and rotate on the basis of five corporations per quarter. The corporation assumes all composing, printing add mail costs. ConnectAGAIN will ensure the actual distribution of the product to either a full membership or up to three filters select group mailing.

Data Mining Opportunities:

A by-product of our services is an electronic data record. A specific request type i.e. health, travel, occupation, hobby, etc. will be added to the member's demographic and special values such as: medical, college, occupations held, hobbies, life interests, sports and exercise choices. All service requests for information and assistance will generate a record, which will be stored daily. ConnectAGAIN will produce a quarterly file of these records. A corporate partner can request a copy of this file be sent to them at no costs. Since individual records will have a unique member identification field, the file can be searched by single member activities or group activities. The quarterly files can be retained for the purpose of spotting trends or unique niche marketing opportunities. Many fields such as religious belief and nationality will not be available from other sources. We are confident that the business value of this file will exceed the market value of the support provided by a company to ConnectAGAIN.

If your corporation is interested, please send an email to:

You will receive a prompt reply.