Francis Alexa Godoy
Age 3

Colin Johnson
Age 4
Emma Mulvill
5 months
Florence Alexa Godoy from Chicago’s North Side is an active vivacious pre-schooler. Her exuberant belies the fact that she was born with a once-fatal heart condition.

As a newborn, Florence was immediately transported to Children’s Memorial Hospital. Her diagnosis: a rare congenital heart condition called single ventricle. In a normal heart, one ventricle pumps blue blood to the lungs and the other pumps red blood to the body. When there is only one ventricle, that ventricle is always overworking and this leads to heart failure. Twenty years ago, all patients with this condition died in childhood. Now, surgeons operate to divide the circulation so that blood flow occurs normally.

For Florence, three operations by cardiovascular surgeons at Children’s Memorial have resulted in a much more promising situation. Children with a single ventricle now live well into their twenties and thirties with more breakthroughs expected.

Our hope is that advances in cardiac care will lead to an even brighter future for Florence. But for now, this inspiring little girl is living life to the fullest.

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