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The Children’s Service Board has pledged to raise $300,000 for the Office of Child Advocacy. Support from The Children’s Service Board will enable the Office of Child Advocacy to continue to protect the lives of children. The leading causes of childhood hospitalization, long-term disability and death today stem from environmental, behavioral and social causes that are preventable. The Office of Child Advocacy uses a public health model that utilizes prevention, health promotion, and public policy solutions to improve health outcomes for children. By forming strategic community partnerships, the Office of Child Advocacy aims to broaden and strengthen the safety net for children beyond the walls of the hospital. Areas of focus include: injury prevention (intentional and unintentional), reduction of mother-to-newborn HIV infection and support for children with chronic illnesses. In addition, the Office of Child Advocacy plays an instrumental role in the education of pediatric and psychiatry residents, graduate interns in psychology and social work and in faculty development to expand professional advocacy.

About the Children’s Service Board

The Children’s Service Board became affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hospital in 1986. As a new auxiliary, it agreed to further the Hospital’s mission of service of children and families throughout Chicagoland. The Children's Service Board has become one of the most active and successful philanthropic affiliated organizations supporting Children’s, sponsoring a variety of events including the annual Gold Coast Fashion Award Show.

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Almost one in 100 babies are born with congenital heart defects. Heart defects are the number one birth defect and the top cause of birth defect-related deaths in the nation. Many of these infants enter the world critically ill and require immediate medical and surgical intervention. There are also children who develop heart conditions that demand immediate attention. With prompt diagnosis, these infants and children can undergo advanced - and often non-invasive - treatments that allow them to grow to adulthood and enjoy enhanced quality of life. In 2005, The Children’s Service Board completed their $2.5 million commitment to Pediatric Cardiology. $750,000 was utilized for the Children’s Service Board Cardiac Catheterization/Imaging Laboratory and $1.75 Million for the Children’s Service Board Endowed Imaging Chair. Support from the Service Board will ensure that Children’s Memorial can offer the full range of services necessary for providing comprehensive, state-of-the-art, pediatric cardiac care.

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Advocacy and Child Protective Services Team

In 2001, The Children’s Service Board completed their $3 million commitment to the Children’s Hand and Hand Campaign. This gift supported several programs within the medical center; however, the majority of the funds completed The Children’s Service Board’s $1.5 million commitment to the Child Protective Services Team and a $1 million commitment to the Office of Child Advocacy.


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